Paying the Funeral Invoice

Including information about DWP help available.

  • Standard Payment Terms

    On making funeral arrangements, each family will receive an itemised estimate of known costs applicable to that funeral. Kyle Bros. Funeral Directors Ltd does not currently ask for a deposit up front in advance of the funeral.

    Our standard payment terms of the funeral invoice is 30 days after issue of funeral invoice. If you cannot meet these terms, please contact us and we will talk through the alternative options available to you.

    Please check with any Bank or Solicitor involved for their legal requirements - Kyle Bros will allow the funeral invoice to be sent to any Solicitor and we understand that the payment may take longer under these circumstances.

  • Help from the DWP/Jobcentre Plus Bereavement Delivery Centre

    The criteria that Jobcentreplus Bereavement Delivery Centre enforce regarding help with funeral invoices from the Social Fund is on very strict guidelines and that only they, ie The Judification Officer on behalf of Jobcentre Plus Bereavement Delivery Centre can come to the overall decision whether you as the applicant will receive any help. There is no guaranteed amount that they will pay and this is dependent on a variety of factors.

Please Ask

Please ask the funeral director before confirming all the arrangements for an estimate for the full amount; Remember, Jobcentre Plus even if involved, will not cover the full amount and the responsibility rests with you the applicant to meet these costs. You may want to make an alteration of funeral arrangements to reduce the costs involved.

  • Those applying for assistance require the following documents as a minimum - they may require extra documents when you apply:

    1. A completed Form SF200 - Funeral Payment Social Fund Application Form
    2. The Funeral Invoice (after the funeral) from the funeral director
      (They will not accept an estimate).

    Please apply to the contact telephone number below
    for assistance:

    Advice Line: 0345 606 0265
    This office will take your enquiry and handle the next stage in the process. They also offer practical advice on the entry qualifying requirements.


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