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Funeral Costs

1. The Simple FuneralCost
Professional services, including appropriate advice and guidance with necessary personnel.£1,380
Removal of Deceased, Dressing, and Care of Deceased whilst in our care including use of viewing room.£270
Provision of hearse & bearers to church service and burial / cremation within 60 miles radius. £240
Traditional Light Oak Veneer coffin 'The Solway'.£310
**There are no hidden costs ** Price including coffin: Total: £2,200

Kyle Bros offers a limited 'Direct Cremation' option where cremation takes place with no
service or mourners present with no choice of day and time. Price on application.

2a. Traditional Coffins (Extra Options) - Price below inc. coffinCoffinIncluding coffin
A. 'The Turnberry' Oak Veneer (in Rustic Oak or Mahogany)£330 £2,220
B. 'The Rowanburn' Oak Veneer with Raised Lid (in Light Oak, Rustic Oak or Mahogany)£380£2,270
C. 'The Durisdeer' Dark Country Oak/Elm Veneer with Raised Lid£380£2,270
D. 'Mearsdale' & 'Cairnsmore' Oak Veneer, Panelled Side, Raised Lid (Light, Rustic, Country)£410£2,300
E. 'The Buccleuch' Solid Oak Coffin with Raised Lid and Panelled Sides (Natural or Rustic) £1,050£2,940
2b. Eco Friendly Coffins (All suitable for Woodland Burial or Cremation) - Extra option to Simple FuneralCoffinIncluding coffin
F. 'Cardboard Coffin' in Natural Beige (White or Green at extra cost) £270 £2,160
G. 'Bamboo Eco Coffin' £400 £2,290
H. 'Solid Pine Coffin' with Rope Handles (Hand Made in Perthshire) £450£2,340
I. 'Solid Pine Coffin' with pine handles (Hand Made in Northumberland) £450£2,340
J. 'Willow Highstead' £530£2,420
K. 'Oasis Natural Willow' & 'Oasis Chestnut Willow' (Fair Trade Approved) £530 £2,420
L. ' Daisy Traditional Banana Leaf Casket ' (Fair Trade Approved) £610 £2,500
M. 'Somerset Willow Colour Range Casket' (Willow grown in England) £830 £2,720
3. Additional Services: (Cost to be added to: 1. The Simple Funeral & 2. Coffin Choice)Cost
Large Scatter Tube £35
Solid Panelled Oak Ashes Casket £85
Embalming £100
One Jaguar Saloon Car – 3 seats £90
Two Jaguar Saloon Cars – 6 seats.£180
One Limousine – seven seats£280
4. Third Party fees (Fees we pay to third parties on your behalf)
Please note that the above prices include only items and services provided by us and do not include any third party fees for items such as crematorium/cemetery fees, newspaper notices, service sheets, flowers, clergy, church fees or hotel catering.

Cremation Information

Borders Crematorium

Set in the heart of the countryside, in the shadow of the Eildon Hills, the crematorium offers a local choice for the communities of the Borders and beyond.

The building and grounds have been carefully designed to ensure that the natural landscape is preserved and the crematorium is amongst the most environmentally friendly in Europe.

Its setting could not be more spectacular, in the lee of the Eildon Hills and within walking distance of Melrose and the River Tweed.

The Garden of Remembrance offers a beautiful, tranquil setting to lay your loved one to rest, and the Borders Crematorium are able to provide families with a range of memorials which are designed and produced to the highest standards.
A place of peace and nature.

**Only the funeral director can order this music at the crematorium - please confirm all music instructions at the earliest opportunity.

Extra options are available for interment of cremated remains in the grounds of Borders Crematorium. You may purchase a tree with engraved plaque or traditional headstone. Please contact the crematorium for full details.

Kyle Bros is also available to arrange services at Houndwood Crematorium, near Eyemouth, Mortonhall Crematorium, Seafield Crematorium and Warriston Crematorium all in Edinburgh.

Borders Crematorium, Melrose. TD6 9HA
01896 823 357

Burial Information

A grave, known in Scotland as a 'Lair' can be purchased anywhere in the Scottish Borders for interment, as long as the cemetery has as enough grave space not yet used. The 'Title Deed' exclusive rights of each lair is currently in perpituity. NOTE: The Scottish Government is considering changing the specifications from later in 2018.

This cost allows the Lairholder the right of burial, although Scottish Borders Council owns the land outright. Scottish Borders Council administers the sale of lairs as well as the maintenance and upkeep of the land that constitutes the cemetery.

Any tilting headstones are the responsibility of the Lairholder to rectify, at their own cost.

Scottish Borders Cemetery Department
01835 826 842

Costs Applicable (Within Scottish Borders)
*Scottish Borders Residents Charges
(Extra charges apply for non-residents)

Woodland Burial Information

Hundy Mundy Natural Woodland Burial Ground is situated on the Mellerstain estate five miles north of Kelso towards Gordon.

The setting of Hundy Mundy lies on a high knoll with wonderful views across the rolling border hills towards the Cheviot Hills, Ruberslaw, Eildon Hills and Hume.

This burial ground is truly a natural woodland where the experience of nature springs to mind. Peace, tranquillity and wildlife confirms the essence of this woodland. Only single lairs are available but extra lairs can be purchased together in advance or when making funeral arrangements. The lair must be used within 50 years of purchase.

Location: Hundy Mundy, Girrick, Kelso. TD5 7SA

Contact can be made to Mary Thomson (Caretaker) for a guided tour.
Mary will help you choose the area best for needs and her experience will help in answering your questions on most matters.
Please contact Mary on 01573 410 624

Interment is available in three sections -
Larch Glade, Middlewood Glade and Tower Glade.

The purchase price depends on the area chosen.

The price is per single lair depth - (A couple would require two lairs side by side). A memorial of sandstone may mark the grave. Contact Robertson Memorials, Kelso for details - 01573 224772.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is very important so please get in touch for any queries and we would be happy to answer or clarify any points raised.

Please use the links throughout this page to view the relevant section for more detailed information and current prices at your finger tips. It is important that to come to the total funeral price, you firstly add up Kyle Bros charges plus the available options chosen, thereafter add on the disbursements that you require.

We aim to update the information regularly and provide all relevant prices
and procedures to help you decide what is suitable to you. If any issue is not covered, please contact us and we will endeavour to find out for you

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